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About Us

Dayly envisions to inspire and connect with you to help in achieving a healthy lifestyle and attain your individual health targets.

Everyone has their own individual health goals. While you may associate good health with a stronger immune system, someone else’s definition of good health may be all about feeling relaxed everyday.

Dayly’s journey started with understanding that different people have different health targets. In the current market for healthcare products, no one provides customized solutions to one’s individual health problems. Bringing together new technology and some good old fashioned personalization for each consumer, we have created a platform that delivers a range of customized and targeted solutions for health related problems through the power of carefully selected superfood.

Through our platform you can also measure your personal health progress and see for yourself whether you are achieving your health goals or not.

Dayly’s careful selection of superfood is meant for a healthy diet and is formulated by our product team who have studied the link between specific elements found in nature and their health benefits. Each ingredient in our blend has a specific purpose with scientifically proven dosage.

With Dayly you have the option of explaining your problems for us to understand what works best for you. Dayly’s products are designed to target specific problems that are unique to you.

Our health program also includes objectively measuring the effectiveness of products against their usage through periodic online objective assessment. We bring the power of nutritional science and consumer technology to provide customization and tracking of your progress. We assess your progress periodically for you to gain insights into your health.

Experience the power of Dayly products and see the difference for yourself.

Utkarsh Agrawal

Utkarsh graduated IIT Bombay in 2015 and worked at a Startup for 4 years.

Utkarsh’s health & fitness journey started with a desire to get the best out of his body. One day, he went for a regular blood test and the results weren’t what he expected. His poor report was a result of his poor diet, which lacked essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals.

With the goal of achieving optimum health, he changed his diet and started consuming superfoods and over a period of time, he saw positive results and in subsequent blood work, the numbers started improving. But the journey to obtain these superfoods was a difficult one because none of them were customized to his needs. After coming across this unmet need in the market, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he founded Dayly.

With Dayly, he aims to provide a customized solution for an individual’s health problem by assessing their situation, recommending customized products, and tracking their progress once the user begins their journey.

Dr. Shweta Priyadarshini

Dr. Shweta Priyadarshini drives the product division- researching, designing & formulating the products while ensuring the efficacy, safety, regulatory compliance, and claim substantiation at Dayly.

She has been involved in the field of nutrition and dietetics for more than 10 years. Over the course of career she has been part of the healthcare industry and worked with leading hospital chains. She was always intrigued by the subject of food and nutrition and how it could be of use in health & lifestyle management. She went on to complete her Masters & PhD in the subject of nutrition science.

She specialises in custom, high-end research based supplement formulation including herbals/botanicals. Her PhD research focussed on development of an affordable and potent supplement for prevention and management of diabetes.

Relying on clinical experience and scientific research, she believes that true strength flows from nature and is passionate about designing customized superfoods using natural and potent ingredients.

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