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Share Your Concerns, We’ll Help You Evaluate Your Needs

Lifestyle Evaluation

With work, stress, poor diet and inadequate exercise, our lifestyles are far from healthy. Sustainable change can be achieved with Dayly’s lifestyle evaluation program. Our team of dieticians, doctors and physiologists offer evaluation and advice that gives you a deep dive into what’s going on in your body and how you can make it reach its optimum performance.

The program is meant for people who are looking to make a change in their lifestyle and dietary habits but are struggling to maintain healthy practices due to lack of motivation, time or other factors.

The consultation consists of an in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire that assesses your medical and family history, diet and stress levels. It is followed by a custom nutrition advice and superfood plan that you can follow through.

Sleep Evaluation

There are more than a dozen sleep disorders that can affect everything from your mood, to stress levels, to how your body performs throughout the day. Dayly’s sleep evaluation program works hand in hand with you, to devise the best solution for your sleep. Our sleep specialists and doctors are trained in identifying unhealthy sleep habits and disorders.

The program involves a detailed questionnaire that will help us in assessing your sleep and medical history to understand your sleep concerns. We’ll also discuss the best diagnostic treatments for your sleep related problems followed by custom nutrition advice and superfood recommendation.

If you are always feeling tired throughout the day, are a snorer, wake up gasping for air, feel excessive daytime lethargy or sleepiness, Dayly’s sleep evaluation program is just what you need.

The program also has periodic progress evaluation to monitor your progress and adjust the counselling to suit your evolving needs.

Skin Evaluation

Tired of dull skin that is aging fast and losing its sheen? The recovery process starts with understanding in depth about your skin, what it responds to and discovering the best skin plan tailored to your skin type.

Dayly’s skin evaluation program lets you discover your best skin with a detailed questionnaire that will help our skin experts determine your skin type and the right skincare routine that will work for your unique lifestyle and skin challenges.

Our skin experts will advise custom skin care tips, nutrition plans and superfoods that will have you loving your skin back again.

If you are experiencing changes in your skin but are unable to understand what service suits your unique skin needs or think it’s time to start investing seriously in the health of your skin, Dayly’s skin evaluation program is meant just for you.

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